Insurance solutions

Insurance Brokerage demands multitasking. Brokers and POSPs need to keep a tab on multiple things such as maintaining individual client/sales records, capturing client policy details like effective/renewal date, policy period, premium, plan, and carrier. These manual processes trade-off the time and effort required for converting leads to clients and staying at the top of sales. We have facilitated an online web and mobile application which provides a smarter way to manage leads/customers and close policies faster, anytime anywhere.


  • Regulatory reporting – Get all IRDAI reports in the prescribed formats
  • Completely customizable
  • Easily scalable using microservices and compartmentalization
  • Detailed POSP onboarding, management and commission calculation
  • Comprehensive conversion funnel from lead capture (all online channels integrated with telephony) till onboarding
  • Complete quote management system with comparison tables and direct WhatsApp integrations
  • End-to-end policy management
  • Strong renewal ecosystem to ensure that your client doesn’t have to look for options
  • Detailed claims tracking
  • Cloud based document management