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The speed of the market has expanded, and with it the requirement for powerfully produced data identified with the exchange account. The once a day model of Risk the board is dead, and the sky is the limit from there and more representatives and monetary middle people are embraced and requesting hazard the executives "in a hurry". Constant, proactive Risk Management is the need of great importance.

Tecx Labs Private Limited is a product application that offers progressed abilities to catch hazard related data during the exchange consistently.


  • Evaluation of risk portfolio by instrument, client, and platform
  • Alert generation based on tendencies, trends, variance and changes within portfolio.
  • Full profit & loss transparency
  • Robust rule-based live rms
  • Time and risk based alert generation with auto square off capabilities
  • Realtime collateral revaluation assessment
  • Hierarchy based risk monitoring in terms of margins, mark to market and position limits
  • Panic Withdrawal Facility and Facilities Management
  • Margin calculators
  • Check for position in global indices