Improving the effectiveness of after-trade back office activities

The key to a successful back office operation is the ability to execute activities smoothly, manage high load situations, and handle exceptions. Back office systems are now important in delivering Actionable Information about clients to help in consumer marketing, selling, and service activities.

DP Solution has domain-level knowledge and a track record of success in implementing DP back office to many of the most demanding local and international participants in the global capital markets. The solution provides extensive capabilities for the depository participant, as well as complete interaction with the back office.


  • Margin Funding/ Margin Trading
  • Over 35 client reports available
  • Daily reconciliation with bank statements and security register
  • Maturity Warnings and details of Fixed Deposit given as collateral
  • Enhanced supervision reporting
  • Exhaustive and customized brokerage options
  • Single click bills processing
  • Hierarchy wise (user customizable levels) report access
  • Scheduler option available for over 250 processes
  • Browser based solution for on-to-go acces